Super Steam
Commercial Steam Cleaning | High Pressure Washing


Super Steam? I run a fast paced, high production kitchen & bakery. We need vendors who just seamlessly do what we need done. Over the years Dan and his crew have provided flexible, thorough and consistent service. Whether its hood vent cleaning, mat washing or one time special projects, they show up on time and do it right.

Louisa Beers
Gayle's of Capitola

Supersteam is a service company that has worked for me for 20 years. In those 20 years, I have owned 3 restaurants that each had individual needs for the cleaning and maintenance of their exhaust hoods. Dan and his guys have always been attentive to those needs. Supersteam always makes an effort to schedule within a window that works for us. They show up on time, they do a complete job, they are honest, & they are respectful of our establishment. I have always enjoyed Dan's light hearted approach to a business that, I am sure, can be rather demanding. I recommend Supersteam highly!

Bob Montague
Chef / Owner Cafe Sparrow

Dan and his Super Steam guys have taken care of my various restaurants for over 20 years. They bring a welcome level of professionalism, commitment and execution to every project, way beyond merely average. I run a great restaurant. Why shouldn't I also have great service people keeping me up and running?

Lou Caviglia
Clouds Downtown, Santa Cruz