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We sell EXSL soap products specifically for use by commercial steam cleaners.  These are USDA approved for use in food service establishments, and are aluminum-safe.

  • So-O-O-Eeze Oven & Grill Cleaner pre treatment gel for hood & duct cleaning is a powerful cleaner, yet easy to work with.  Dilute and apply with hand pump sprayers.  Available ONLY in 55 gallon drums.
  • EHD Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning Powder is a granulated powder steam cleaner / pressure washer formulation for steam & hot water systems.  Use it as a follower to the gel pre spray.  Available in 150# or 450# kegs.
  • Stainless Steel Polish (aka Asphalt Cleaner) is a soy based formulation for final polish work on stainless surfaces.  A little bit goes a long way!  Available ONLY in 55 gallon drums.

Allow up to 2 weeks for drop ship delivery in California.


We sell Phil Ackland GreaseGard Systems.  These are an easy to maintain, functional and reasonably priced solution to the chronic overflowed grease pan or funky bucket found on so many restaurant roofs.  Specifically designed for centrifugal up blast (mushroom) types of ventilators, they require about 12 inches of clearance above the roof.  A dual tray system with long lasting replaceable pouches captures grease while allowing water to flow away unhindered.

As property owners become ever more sensitized to the damage and unsanitary conditions of many restaurant roofs, finding a cost effective and low maintenance solution has become increasingly necessary.

Let us inspect your facility and install these excellent units on all your appropriate heavy use exhaust fans.


FlameGard Hood filters are the first line of defense in a grease duct ventilation system.   Without effective filters a hood system is prone to greatly accelerated grease buildup.  More importantly, the fire danger posed by an inadequately protected system is multiplied by a huge factor if filters are not present and in good condition.

 As a service to our clients we can measure and order new hood filters in a variety of materials and fire resistance levels.  Filters are available in standard and custom sizes, in mild and stainless steels, aluminum & epoxy coated, depending on the application.


We sell and install FlameGard Access Doors for kitchen grease exhaust systems, as well as other brands and styles.  Available in both flat and curved versions, these doors are all UL fire rated.  Full access is needed for thorough system cleaning. Too often this detail is overlooked in original design implementations.  Many legacy systems were built before the current higher standard were in force, yet they still pose fire and sanitation hazards.  When we find these “Mystery Zones” we encourage owners to deal with the situation, so that areas of built up residues of flammable material can be removed and prevented from recurring.

As a licensed CA contractor, Super Steam is able to install these doors in full compliance to building and NFPA codes.  The costs are usually surprisingly reasonable, and well worth the added peace of mind.

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